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Hey! I'm Kira. Welcome to your healing journey.

I work with brave peeps that struggle to shift away from emotional chaos in order to live their lives fully and freely.

I offer a variety of ways to make that happen ranging from healing artwork and jewelry, one on one curated packages and intensives, plus an AMAZING membership community that I am so insanely proud of.

I'm your Healing Journey Guide, your creativity coach, your artist friend, and I'm so glad you're here.

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I met Kira through social media (surprise, surprise!). But I felt a deep connection happen the moment we began talking.

Her knowledge of spirituality and inner healing have really helped my self care journey. From the Brave challenge to skyping when I had a rough day, she’s authentic and kind hearted but fierce in her pursuits of health and love and truth.

I cannot recommend her enough! Her art is a reflection of who she is and what she has been through and if you’re going through something, she’s definitely someone I’d reach out to.

And who doesn’t need a little magic in their life?
— Jordan, member of a happy little someplace

Are you a creative person who isn’t creating lately?

Introducing the Intentionally Creative Collective, my signature membership program built around healing our creative hearts. Have you suffered from creative paralysis? Mounting self doubt and guilt etc? Click the button below!


Where to, friend?


custom healing pieces

You need kirastinystudio!

Custom healing artwork or jewelry based on your needs and where you're at energetically. I work my bum off to make the perfect piece for your needs and we're all very happy in the end. 

happy healing starter pack

New to the Woo? You need the Mindfully Curated Package!

This is a happy healing starter package of crystals and coaching, with a small intuitive painting and a digital catalog full of all kinds of amazingness. 


Are we friends on instagram yet?

Follow along on my stories for all kinds of in progress works, flash sales, behind the scenes, and more!


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