Healing Wizardry, Community Auntie, Lover of Toast, Painter of Stuff


Being an artist and a personal brand is weird, because when people ask me what I do, I start listing off a whole ton of things I’ve done with clients recently, but in general?
I help. I'm a helper outer. That's what I do!
I help sad sensitive overwhelmed folks deal with chaos.
Here’s how:


The Intentionally Creative COllective

I help millennials/gen z folks who used to feel and be creative, but something stole their good feels; replacing it with writers block and creative paralysis. Having been on both sides of the crap swamp, I know that the feelings of failure and shame run so so deep. When all you can see is bleak shit, it’s time to find a helping hand. (That’s me!)
The Intentionally Creative Collective is a membership community where we unpack where life kicked you in the creativity nuts, and walk forward from there.



Are you a person dealing with energetic bull shit and want to have some bespoke pieces to help you with your metaphysical armor? Do you struggle with sleep, staying present, or being an empath?

kirastinystudio is a crystals and stones apothecary of amazingness where I create custom artwork or jewelry for your energetic needs.


One on one work

Maybe you’re feeling completely burnt out, fucking annoyed at existence and wanting to shuck this tired skin?
Let’s work together. You’ve got options! You come in weary and wired, I pull cards, reflect your journey, coach you and love on you. This boutique option comes in lots of different forms, find out how I can best serve you today.


Virtual communities

As a firm believer in a support system, I’ve got several I can offer. I actually run three amazing Facebook groups, click below to get the down low, friend.