The Intentionally Creative Blueprint

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Unit Three, Mindset Shift
- Permission not Perfectionism-

This, this is the important difference that stops you from making the super familiar excuses, those safety nets so you don’t have to worry too much about doing a scary thing.

When people hide behind ‘perfectionism’, it really comes out as not putting priority on the EFFORT, and often people know that, which brings them HUGE amounts of Shame, and starts this silly shame spiral, and that’s why they decide not to engage.

That can be hugely off putting! Because people feel that SHAME has no upside or way out, they see it as a big hole that takes too much to crawl out of, so they try to ‘conserve’ their energy by not engaging, where if they allowed creativity to slow burn inside them, and sometimes come out, they’d see that they’d actually have MORE energy because they’re doing things that light them up!

So how can you avoid this pitfall?
How can you work through that safe feeling of comfort of creating because you’re uncertain it will end the way you want?

You shift, you evolve, and you re-focus.

Put your mind on PROGRESS
and give it permission to DO.

Watch the video and check out the workbook, plus there’s a bonus coloring sheet!



In case for some reason you missed me prompting you to do it in the video AND the workbook, share your thoughts and feelings in the group! There’s so much we need to talk about as it pertains to not letting perfectionism stop us, your words could be JUST what someone else needs to read, so get in on that group stuff, yall!

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