Real talk-
You can break free from creative paralysis, from your fears and your hesitation.

It can really happen.

You can have freedom from your shrinking comfort zones. 
 You can have strength and certainty in your decision making.
Also? You can totally be fully centered in your artistic self AND create from a place of ease and curiosity. It's really all possible. 

Probable, even. 



Friend, I know the excuses you make.

For not writing that book, painting that piece, or finishing that song. Because they hurt, and they're real, and those excuses? They're everywhere.

And you don't have time for them any more.

You are growing out of them, dear one. They are no longer serving you. SURE they protected you! They comforted your tender little soul when someone hurt you, and took away your joy. I know it. We build the fortress we need, and its how we survive, dammit.

But sweet friend! Look at you! Look at how far you've come!

Your survival rate is literally 100%, wtf.
That's amazing.

But as my friend would say lets take survive to thrive, lets color the lines and outside the lines, let's take back what we hid from the world so that we can remind ourselves we exist, every day.

I know its scary. I know its hard, but you know what? Its also important. YOU are important, your creativity and your heart are important. Your story is important. There are so many things you are meant to share, sweet thing.

I fucking know it.



Often I talk about being brave, accepting where you are and moving forward from that stuck place.

But for me, my stuck place? It was painting.

I graduated with a degree in Art History and Painting, but when confronting a blank canvas, I would endure an almost phobic reaction directly related to past trauma I was dealing with, I would enter fight or flight mode. I was later told my physical reaction was diagnosable as PTSD.

On my darkest days I was really frustrated with this 'flaw' in myself because I felt so alone in it, I felt no one else understood how hard it was to go through a trauma and lose my artistic vehicle, to not feel like I could paint again, it felt like something was taken from me.

I needed someone to help me navigate intentional/creative healing when I was feeling terrible and I couldn't find that resource anywhere (that whole be who you needed when you were younger thing is where I'm going with this).

We've all heard of the words Impostor Syndrome, and there were some DEEP PANIC STRUGGLES I had when it felt like maybe I shouldn't talk to people about healing while I still operate under the word itself.


But healing is not a destination, my friend. 

It is a journey, a never ending thing.

It is a path that takes intention and mindfulness, and self care and a lot of love, but it is NOT a stamp of arrival on your life-ticket. If you keep thinking of it as a destination or something you're never going to achieve you're always going to be at war with yourself and that's a problem.

My Ma says (about big and scary things) that its ALL manageable, we eat an elephant one bite at a time and all that. The first step is always the scariest, and after that its all much easier.

So let’s talk about that first step.

the intentionally creative (9).jpg

A new membership community built around healing our creative hearts and souls, shifting in to a place of accepting ourselves step by step, day by day.

If you're an artist, its for you.

If you're a creative, its for you.

If you feel fear around approaching something you used to love, its for you.

Shortest paragraph on this whole page, yes. It's for you. 

You have to have that desire, to pull yourself out of your sadness and your stagnation into momentum with the community holding your hand and supporting you the whole time.

If you've got that, this is for you. 

Here's whats inside

The Intentionally Creative Blueprint

Private Facebook Community

Access to the GROUP Pinterest Board

Monthly Hot Seat Calls

Amazing Guest Speakers

Beta Members Only!

Live Q+A Sessions

Key Input in the Official 2019 Launch


Listen, there’s so much amazingness inside you.

It’s time to share it with the world!

Everyone’s journey will be completely unique but this is an overview of the framework we work through together.

The best part is that it all inter-relates in an incredible cycle of self-discovery, and when you finish working through one it opens up so many amazing possibilities.

Unit One - Pain Points - the things that stop you from creating, the beginning of the soul searching and shifting away from creative paralysis.

Unit Two - Learning Yourself - learn to see the bravery you have inside you, rewire your brain so that you are constantly impressed at yourself. Its important.

Unit Three - Permission not Perfectionism - the empowering mindset shift to liberate your heart and soul from the things holding you back. Hint, its almost always perfectionism.

Unit Four - Inspiration not Comparison - the important and HUGE difference between the two, and why its necessary to learn your limits.

Doors for the beta are only open for a limited amount of time, and I can’t wait to have you on board!


What we can do with our bravery and our creativity alone is incredible, and what we can do together is absolutely life changing.

I am so excited that you’re here!

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all rights reserved