What Crystals Don't Do

What crystals don’t do.


Crystals, they don’t hug you at night and tell you that you’re going to be okay, they remind you that you have the power to tell yourself that.

They don’t show up in the middle of the day to surprise you at work with a coffee you very much so needed, but they remind you that you could do that for someone else.

Crystals and stones don’t call you on your birthday and ask about your life, they sit by your journal and help you connect to your memories and dreams.

They don’t make your holiday dinner just in time with an extra dish to share, but they do remind you to pour into yourself whenever possible, to invite yourSELF to the table, to be kind to those who might be suffering around ‘special’ days.


Crystals don’t remind you to pick up your clothes around the house, do the dishes, set a timer on the oven, or keep your home absolutely spotless, but they do remind you to give yourself space and grace, to weigh your priorities and put what really matters first.

They don’t create money
, they help us move our mindset around and signal to the Universe that we are MORE than ready for abundance.

They don’t create creativity, they help us clear our blocked pathways to things we have been wanting to do for some time now, thank you very much.

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I don’t want you to think that crystals are a solution, because you have to do a lot of the heart-centered work yourself. I do want you to know that wearing jewelry with crystals and stones, having art pieces with crystals, it makes the journey easier. It makes the pathways a little smoother.

Crystals are energetically important, but our energies are JUST as important, and we need to remind ourselves of our own part of the work. We have to be in a place to receive what it is we are asking for, and if we don’t know what that is we need to have the cognizance to ask for help.


I want you to know that there is a great deal of usefulness crystals provide, but they will never take the place of putting in the time to learn about yourself and learn what you need. You have to look out for your number one player, that’s you!


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