How do you know, how do you REALLY know if you're an Artist?

I got a message from a member of The Intentionally Creative Collective late the other night while I was feeling deep feelings, and it was a beautiful thing.

She asked me, How do you know that you’re an artist?

I knew right away that it was something I needed to answer by pouring. Pouring out all the words I’d collected and just spill the thoughts outwards.

I said:

I think you just decide, and then it’s a thing you become every day because of that decision.

I think it’s like having that sideways curiosity that makes you think a little outside the norm, talk a little differently, hear what’s not being said. That sort of…double vision and loneliness at the same time.

I think it’s a grave understanding that we are deeply alone but that the whole world is ours and here for us at the same time. Kind of like an inside outside thing.

A homesickness for a color you can’t quite get and a way of explaining yourself that always seems just out of reach.

Maybe it’s sadness.

Maybe it’s anger, actually.

That deep kind.

I think we all are, once we see things in the real way that feels mostly inexplicable.

I think it’s knowing you might be able to share how you are about something and wanting to try.


And I wanted you to know that being an artist isn’t always producing work. It isn’t just pushing paintings out no matter your feelings. It doesn’t mean you’re selling things you make. It isn’t having a series under your belt. It’s being outside looking not just in, but outwards and every where and finding that thing you’re curious about.

We are a production based society, where somehow our self-worth has become contingent on our output and production and gosh.

That’s just not what it’s about.

Here’s the truth.

YOU are what it’s about. All of it.

Look out and really see, this whole world is here for you and you are the center of your universe, you are the driver of your bones and the rest of us are just players in your narrative. It’s undeniable. We are all here for you, and in turn we are collectively our own ships and our own captains, but no one else in your entire sphere really truly takes precedence over your own journey, you’re the only YOU there is.

The point is, you’re an artist. You’re a story teller, you’re an anomaly and a gospel, a writer and a risk taker.

And so it is.

On Behalf of the Creatives