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One of the foundations of kirastinystudio is creating something genuine and unique with every order at hand. My customers love their kirastinystudio pieces, and the work and intention that I put into them imbues a good vibes feel that last forever.

Each piece is a handmade happy little thing. 


Tyler J. McCall

Instagram Marketing Strategist, Everywhere
Founder of the Follower to Fan Society

Kira is one of those people that you feel like you've known forever and it feels like she's known YOU forever. I had the honor of working with Kira through her Mindfully Curated package and it was incredible. Our time together was life-giving. I left so light, so inspired, and so full of gratitude for who she is. From there, she crafted a beautiful painting for me along with affirmations and a collection of crystals. Everything was so thoughtful and exactly what I needed. Somehow she knew what I needed more than I did. If you have the chance to work with her - DO IT! It's worth it. You're worth it!

Ashley W.

Photographer, SD/MN/ND

I don't even know where to begin. My experience with Kira has been nothing short of fabulous. The bracelet she created for me could not be any more perfect! It's comfortable, gorgeous, I am complimented every time I wear it, and my toddler has not been able to destroy it. I know I'll be making many more purchases from Kira in the future!

Mike B. 

Playwright, Professor, Actor NYC

Several months ago I purchased a bracelet from kirastinystudio for myself, after seeing some of the beautiful work she had done. I was shocked at how quickly it arrived. I immediately put it on and fell in love with its look and how it felt on my wrist. When my daughter noticed the piece, she fell in love with it as well. I immediately purchased one along with another for my wife who was enamored with her work. Now the whole family are proud owners of Kira’s beautiful, elegant, unique and very cool pieces! Looking forward to ordering some new pieces in the very near future.

Katelyn B.

printmaker, SD

kirastinystudio was an absolute delight to work with! I had a bracelet custom made for myself and I was very particular about both the meaning of the stones and the design and they reworked it until I was completely happy with it. It is so beautiful that I have it in a prominent spot in my room when I am not wearing it. Kira is very passionate about what she does and it really shows through every step of the process! Thanks again!

Erika Kay

artist, Minneapolis MN

I had Kira make me a bracelet, and I am so happy with it! I wear it often, and it brings me such joy to know that she definitely made it with love and intent. Her designs are graceful and earthy. Commission her to make a custom bracelet...or don't - she's got a great inventory of pre-made jewelry as well. You won't be disappointed! Someday soon I hope to purchase more from her.

Jessie M.

Marketer, MN

Kira!! I asked her to make me a custom bracelet a few weeks ago and I got so much more! She’s opened me up to this self love community that she has and she’s brought so much happiness and joy to my life. I now realize you don’t just order a custom piece of jewelry but rather a custom piece of self love that helps you grow each day, you’re treating you or whoever to a real cheesy as that may sound. I have plans to order more and introduces friends and family into this community!


Kat L.

Barista and Athlete Extraordinaire, OH

Kira is absolutely amazing! Her artwork/jewelry is one of a kind and handmade for each person, as an individual, with love. Don’t know how she does it but she manages to capture the essence of your spirit when she’s making your pieces! Love kirastinystudio.

Nancy Jo

Sales Lady, MN

I absolutely LOVE my bracelet that Kira made special for me. It is beautiful, so cool that each stone has it's special meaning which Kira added with a sweet note describing the stones. Awesome! Rock on Kira!!!

Jess Drury

Poet, Copywriting Studio Owner, Amazing Woman, Canada

The Mindfully Curated experience was beautiful. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable opening up to Kira. She really listened to what I said. The painting she created for me was gorgeous, with so much depth! It fit perfectly with other themes that have been coming up elsewhere in my life that we didn't even discuss! I was so excited to receive my new crystals and felt an instant connection with the blue calcite. The catalog tied everything together with loving encouragement and just the right amount of explanation. The whole thing moved me to tears. I highly recommend Kira and all of her work.