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Frankie Simmons

Frankie Simmons, Intuitive Biz Coach extraordinaire talks with Kira about different techniques she uses to calm the eff down, to live her best life, and what it means to really connect to the Self.

This masterclass works perfectly alongside the work we cover in Unit One!

Molly O’Riley

Molly O’Riley of the Darling Rage Podcast, Painter and Creativity Guru shares her heart on Play, Permission, and Pushing through when all seems lost.

I’m obsessed.

This masterclass works great alongside our Unit Three!

Christine Ross

Christine Ross speaks about starting without any art education, growing her career with a support system in place, and having self confidence that carries her through all the typical doubts.

Jolyn Frazier

Jolyn Frazier, artist and teacher, speaks about her process and her processing emotions, her work through that hard things and deciding to rebel against stereotypes. Have you felt it difficult to work when you’re feeling all the feels? Give this one a watch, friend.

This masterclass works really well with the work done in units two and three!

Tram Colwin

Tram Colwin, artist and business owner, sits down with Kira right after her gallery show closed exhibiting her completed 100-Day Project. The permission to find your artistic voice can be hard to find sometimes, watch this masterclass on doing what’s right for YOU and let us know in the facebook group your takeaways!

Anup Sohanta

Anup Sohanta talks about writing even when you’re sad as fuck, and how to find the balance between pain and productivity. As a published author and insta-famous man, it’s a great look behind the curated-ness of his work, and a must watch! We mentioned Francis Bacon’s work, so take a look at that here!

This masterclass works really well with the work in Unit 4. Don’t forget to post your thoughts in the Facebook group!

Stevie Oliver

Watch this smart lady share about her work with writing, with grief, and what it feels like to write no matter what. We talk about comparison, Impostor Syndrome, and what it means to do things you want, not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.