I started this business because I wanted to help others feel free of their metaphysical heaviness, free to move forward with deep breaths and determination.

Welcome to my toolbox of ways to help you do just that, friend.


Card readings

If you’re feeling directionless, stuck and annoyed…
If you’re so sure you’re meant for SOMETHING but it doesn’t feel clear at all…
Or if you just want to play in the cards, let me pull them for you.

Using Archetype cards, I will walk you through understanding why we pulled what we did through a video call, and I’ll break it all down for you afterwards with your own pdf and recording to visit it again and again.

Prices start at $47.


Intuitive response paintings

These are one of my favorite things. If you’ve ever wanted a custom piece of artwork that articulates your strength and your beauty, this is for you.

Essentially, you come to me and tell me all the things about your journey, and I hear you and your heart and put it into art. I meditate and create a painting for you based on your words and your story, and you get to hang it on your wall as a testament to your life thus far. Where you’re at, where you’d like to be, and where you’re going. A reflection and a celebration! I am a classically trained artist, with a degree in Painting and Art History. I’ve got a lot of knowledge about painting, but I need YOU to be my muse.

Prices start at $147


The mindfully curated package

Want a card reading, an intuitive response painting, a coaching session, a beautiful personalized zine all about your journey, and a set of crystals?

Feeling burnt the fuck out and need a helping hand?

This bundle is a powerhouse. It’s life changing. It’s meant for you.

I always try to make space for those who need a helping hand in their healing journey. If you’re unclear where to go and what your needs are, I highly recommend the Mindfully Curated Package. It’s one of the most intimate ways I can walk you through your chaos and it’s what I offer in lieu of long term coaching for the moment. If you’re interested in a coaching package that spans several weeks, visit the contact page and let me know.