Hey friend.

I want to help you be ya best self, using crystals and stones so that you can get to where you need to be.

If you’ve been feeling unsure where your healing journey begins, maybe you feel overwhelmed or directionless, a custom piece is going to be a great place to start.

Most of my work addresses things like anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and general life stuff, but don't worry.

Your healing journey is my focus, and whatever you bring to the table we will work on together.

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I'll receive your answers, email you with any questions and work alongside you to make sure its the perfect piece to meet your needs!

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Super Loose General Price Breakdown
Dreamcatchers 190-250, 
Rings 35-50
Bracelets 55-80
Mala Beads 100-250

Kira!! I asked her to make me a custom bracelet a few weeks ago and I got so much more! She’s opened me up to this self love community that she has and she’s brought so much happiness and joy to my life. I now realize you don’t just order a custom piece of jewelry but rather a custom piece of self love that helps you grow each day, you’re treating you or whoever to a real gift...as cheesy as that may sound. I have plans to order more and introduces friends and family into this community!
— Jessie M., Entrepreneur