This isn’t magic in this cauldron…

It’s chili. But, I do believe in magic! Energies, sights unseen, empaths and intuitives, people who pick up on the deja vu feels a little too intensely, all of that. I created kirastinystudio to bring a little magic to those who need it.

Most of my kirastinystudio work addresses things like anxiety, confidence, insomnia, overwhelm, unprocessed trauma - things like that. There’s a certain weight we sensitive folks carry, and we should feel empowered by what we have with us on our person or in our homes. That’s where I come in.

If you’ve been feeling unsure where your healing journey begins, maybe you feel overwhelmed or directionless, a custom piece is going to be a great place to start.

We work together to find out where you need healing energy, and then I curate certain stones together on your piece! It can be a ring, a earrings, a mala, bracelet, all are great ideas.

Your healing journey is my focus, and whatever you bring to the table we will work on together.

What should we make?

IMG_20181009_102712_986 (1).jpg


Sometimes, we can have very specific chaos when it comes to feeling like we can’t rest. Thoughts can overflow and burden our noggins, our eyeballs feel weirdly hot all the time, stress can seep in to our bones and make them dance when they SHOULD be sleeping, and if this sounds familiar - you have my heartfelt virtual hug being sent your way.

Sleep shouldn’t be a source of scarcity or stress, and that’s one of the many reasons I started creating dreamcatchers. Friend, they’re one of my greatest joys to make and I’d love to create a piece for you. You shouldn’t have to feel chaotic all the time, especially when you’re meant to feel well rested.


If you’re wanting to learn more about crystals and stones; how I understand them and how I use them in my work - I wrote a book for you. Well, I wrote it because I’m a big happy nerd about these things, but still. I’d love for you to read about why I use certain stones in certain types of pieces and how I incorporate elements and chakras, so get your digital copy today!