Truth time: You can break free from the intense creative paralysis, from your hesitation and your fears, your insecurities and anxieties.

But when all you see is overwhelm, it’s time to find a helping hand.


The Intentionally Creative Collective, a veritable (and metaphorical) lighthouse for those among us who’ve felt the pull to do MORE but also felt the fear that tells us to do NOTHING.

A membership community built around healing our creative hearts and souls, shifting in to a place of accepting ourselves step by step, day by day.  

If you're an artist, its for you.
If you're a creative, its for you.
If you feel fear around approaching something you used to love, its for you.

You have to have that tiny desire to pull yourself out of the melancholy blues stagnation, and we will help provide the map and the momentum. With a private community holding your hand and supporting you the whole time we know you’re in the right place.

Doors Re-Open Fall 2019

We all know the excuses we make for not writing that book, painting that piece, or finishing that song. We know them so well because they’re our safe bathtub we’re holding on to in the middle of the ocean of uncertainty. We wrap our hearts in these reasons so we don’t have to jump into anything that feels uncertain.

But in reality we often feel that we’re alone, and we’re drowning.

Dramatic? Maybe. Let’s talk about it.


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I went to school for painting and art history, so I had been taught many skills to approach 'art' with. But, I hadn't been taught how to listen to my heart, how to create from a place of honesty, how to hear what I was attempting to say. This lack of understanding led me to feel 'incorrect', as though I was a fraud, or an impostor. I couldn't intellectually understand where everyone's beautiful ideas were coming from and it overwhelmed me.

During that time, I was going through some medical chaos and very painful things in the home, which led me to feel profoundly alone. I started to doubt my own brain, my soul. It became a special kind of hell, being on medicine I didn't need for diagnoses that weren't correct while enduring psychological trauma, it was an intense time. I didn't make work for years.

As a person with PTSD, I was often afraid and paralyzed. The fears consumed me in multiple ways but the most physical reactions? Those happened when I was confronted with a blank canvas. My most core fight or flight response was triggered when I would face my inability to create work.

So, I focused all my heart-wounds on creating, and silenced myself entirely. All of this to say,

I fully, bodily, physically, emotionally, mentally understand your fears around starting new things, creating new work, sharing your work, being seen or being assessed, working on your self or working alongside others, I understand.

I've been where you are, friend. And I just wanted you to know, it can get better, and it is in your control.

Let’s talk about how I can help you help yourself.

I am inviting you to be a member inside The Intentionally Creative Collective, my signature program devoted to healing our creative hearts from our anxieties.

I want you to work alongside other beautiful souls that are shifting their fear to the backseat, and driving forward with a smile on their face. Inside, you’ll work through the blueprint I’ve built that encompasses the steps I took and continue to take in my creative healing journey. You’ll be able to work at your own pace to breathe life back in to your sails, while the resources inside keep multiplying.


Doors Re-Open Fall 2019


Here’s what you’ll learn, friend.

Everyone’s journey will be completely unique but this is an overview of the framework we work through together. The best part is that it all inter-relates in an incredible cycle of self-discovery, and when you finish working through one it opens up so many amazing possibilities.

Unit One - Pain Points - the things that stop you from creating, the beginning of the soul searching and shifting away from creative paralysis.

Unit Two - Learning Yourself - learn to see the bravery you have inside you, rewire your brain so that you are constantly impressed at yourself. Its important.

Unit Three - Permission not Perfectionism - the empowering mindset shift to liberate your heart and soul from the things holding you back. Hint, its almost always perfectionism.

Unit Four - Inspiration not Comparison - the important and HUGE difference between the two, and why its necessary to learn your limits.


I know, this feels like a lot.

I know you feel overwhelmed easily and the idea of adding another thing to your list of to-do’s seems too much.

If you’ve felt that no one else can understand how hard it is to try to pull something out, to try to express something that you’re unable to express, to look at the world moving on without you and feeling so deeply DEEPLY alone, this is your invitation.

I want to help you speak your truth in whatever way you can.

If you’ve wanted to write but feel terrified, if you’ve wanted to speak your poetry on stage but sweat and cry at even the MENTION of it, if you can’t remember the last time you picked up a paintbrush but you can’t bring yourself to throw them away, if you can’t stop feeling the pull to start, but the starting feels so hard, this is your invitation.

I want to help you bring joy back to your bones.

If you’re unable to look at anyone else’s work without feeling real physical jealousy?

I want you here, friend. This is the place for you.


Here's whats inside!

The Intentionally Creative Blueprint, the key framework that leads you to more ease, more joy, more understanding and accepting of the self you are right now.

Private Facebook Community, filled with people going through the same kind of journey as you.

Access to the GROUP Pinterest Board - Plus, my guide to Pinterest as a creative soul.

Monthly Hot Seat Calls where two members are coached through their healing journey and their work with the blueprint.

Amazing Guest Speakers and Masterclasses - recorded monthly!

Weekly Focus Assignments - Optional assignments delivered to your email inbox to harness the momentum and drive creative energy forward.

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Join The Intentionally Creative Collective and say hello to your new full sized sailboat.

It’s time to upgrade from the bathtub of same-ness that’s kept you afloat all these years. Those excuses and reasons you’ve given yourself to stop starting, the lifeline you thought you had to hold on to in order to survive, I’ve got a better one. Because those reasons, they’re just not serving you anymore. Your survival rate so far is 100% and that is amazing. So it’s time to move forward and survive some self discovery.

Doors Re-Open Fall 2019

You can do this. I will help you.
see you inside, friend.

I’ve been painting and it’s the strangest thing, I walked around my apartment the other day unable to identify what weird feeling I had when it finally hit me...I’m proud. I’m so proud of myself and the work I’ve done. I’m excited to try new things and I have never said that sentence in my entire life. I’m proud of myself, and I can’t believe I just said that out loud. It feels good.
— Founding Member
Kira has cultivated a warm, supportive environment for creatives to reconnect with their passions and work through emotional obstacles holding them back from accessing their creative souls. Being a part of the Collective has started me down a path of self realization even beyond that of artistic expression.
— Founding Member
Kira’s coaching through The Collective has opened the door for making my creative self a priority. Through taking steps she suggested to heal my heart I’ve learned how to better set healthy boundaries for myself. This allows me more freedom to set time for myself and pushes me out of the stagnant place I find myself in so often!
— Founding Member