Hot Seat Archives

Here’s where one of the best parts of The Intentionally Creative Collective lives, the Hot Seat Calls.

Each month, two members get some mini coaching around their creative journey and their work through the blueprint.

View previous calls and soak up all the stuff! These things are magic, yall.


Want to be on a Hot Seat call yourself? Send us an email and let us know which date you would like to participate in.

Hot Seat Schedule 2019

These dates may change, you will receive an email if that happens!

February 2nd, 3 pm EST
March 9th, 3 pm EST
April 20th, 3 pm EST
May 18, 3 pm EST
June 22nd, 3 pm EST
July 13, 3 pm EST

February Hot Seat Call:
Matt Lang Mayala and Amanda Howell

March Hot Seat Call:
Jenny Hansen and Claire Stacey

April Hot Seat Call:
Kristi Westberg and Matt Lang Mayala

May Hot Seat Call:
Stephanie Ruth and Jenny Hansen (kinda)

July Hot Seat Call:
Jenny Hansen and Kristi Westberg