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Have you struggled with insomnia? Anxiety around sleeping? Rest related trauma? I can help with that!

Have you always loved dreamcatchers but want to have your very own curated to your specific energetic needs?
I can help with that!

When you think about sleep, do you count the hours you’ll manage to get if you can just fall asleep right NOW?

Let’s change that.

A kirastinystudio dreamcatcher is completely unique with hours of intentional crystal work all suited to your needs, your energetic cocoon of safety I weave to protect your most needed thing, Rest. They can help you access the faith that you're guarded and secure in your sacred space, wherever that is.

I work on average about 9 hours on each piece, curating the perfect set of stones to filter out the negative energy that floats around your space and to aid the slow reconciliation with rest being a safe activity. I use copper to frame and weave because it amplifies the crystals energetic properties, and sends them out with more strength.

I want you to fall in love with sleep again, and I want to help you.


This is a deposit, actual price varies between 190-250.

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