As a person who has felt alone, a person who has struggled with permanence, depression, carbo-loading and sad naps, I really fucking understand how important community is.

I have a few for you to choose from, lovebug.



Do you feel like you struggle with connection? Need a community that doesn't make you feel frustrated (low key all the time?) Do you yearn for a newsfeed that doesn't suck the joy out of your day? I have a Facebook group for that! Called ahappylittlesomeplace, it was my first group ever. This is a place of healing and happiness, where we can all be free and funky, painted and grey, crazy silly and quietly encouraging. With some structure and tons of support, it’s a place to spend a little time and get your centered-ness going, where individuals can go to give or receive support as they move through that big ol' life journey. An online space meant for healing and understanding through mystical, spiritual, or other means (gif wars). It’s a collective support system designed to create grace for communicating our insecurities and vulnerabilities as well as celebrating our successes and accomplishments.

lighthouse creative.png

Lighthouse Creative

Lighthouse - A beacon in the dark for those that are unable to find their way to seek hope and rest on shores and easy ground.

Lighthouse Creative - A place for those of us who struggle with creative output as creative people. A space to talk about the weight of being told over and over again we're creative while simultaneously feeling like we're drowning under the pressures of the titles. You don't have to consider yourself an artist or a writer or a painter or a photographer to join, but if you've ever felt like you're meant to do something and you just can't, this is the place for you. You are welcome here, friend.

crystals & stones.png

Crystals & Stones for the Curious Ones

This facebook group is a place for the woo-curious and crystal-illiterate to learn about stones and how to use them, and share their love of all things magical with like-minded lovebugs. The group seeks to break open the 'insiders only' attitude that some in the spiritual space have taken on by offering a no-nonsense and basics forward understanding of the woo-world. With a special focus on using stones themselves, instead of just having a happy shelf filled to the brim, this group is a great resource for those who feel a curiosity and excitement towards the world of woo.