Water Element Bracelet

Water Element Bracelet


Opal is an Earth AND Water element stone, and its known as a calming and soothing stone for the emotional body. It provides purifications of ones energy field and rebalances the chakras to support their connection to one's physical self. 

We paired it with tiny shells from Hawai'i so the water element is strengthened and enhanced. The copper in between enhances all stones vibrations and energies, we use it a lot to pair stones together.

The large stone and the teal stone opposite are both Chrysocolla, and if you've clicked around a bit you know that its a favorite here. Considered a Goddess stone, its another Water element stone that empowers ones voice, and allows the wearer to speak things more truthfully than perhaps previous. Its a great stone for calming and being more attuned to the self. Among millions of other things. We are big fans of it here. 

Rose Quartz is a darling stone, and its loving and necessary! Its (notice a trend?) a Water element stone that facilitates love, thats it's thing. It aids in releasing past wounds and teaches self love and calms the entire auric field. It links one's personal heart to the of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe. Its a beautiful loving stone, and it harmonizes with ALL stones. How cool is that?

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