Bloodstone and Carnelian with Lapis Lazuli (large)

Bloodstone and Carnelian with Lapis Lazuli (large)


Bloodstone is an Earth element stone most known for its ability to inspire courage and dispelling negative influences. It works with the 1st chakra and strengthens one's zest for life.

Lapis Lazuli, alongside the Carnelian, is one of the stones I wear everyday. A Wind element stone, it is a stone of royalty and spirituality, carrying the vibration of our inner Divine being from ages ago. Plus its beautiful. 



Carnelian is another stone that works with the 1st (Root) chakra, but it also works with the 2nd and the 3rd. It is a Fire element stone and it increases one's enthusiasm and aids in building confidence. I vote everyone should wear Carnelian, for suresies. 

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