the kirastinystudio story

a love note

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I started this business in August of 2016, leaving my coffee career a year later to create this and move forward full time.

I grew up in a moderately chaotic situation, I was sexually abused throughout adolescence and that led me to making some less than healthy life choices when it came to relationships. I ended up in an incredibly toxic marriage and lost a lot of who I was. Coming out of that marriage was difficult and it left me financially, emotionally, physically broken. 

I had been running my coffee shop for about 4 years when an employee and friend of mine (same Zodiac sign, different natal charts) decided to move on and pursue employment at a semi precious bead store. 

He came in wearing a beautiful jade bracelet that I instantly fell in love with, and he gave it to me. I had been struggling with creating work (my formal education is in Painting and Art History, I specialize in oil pastels), and had developed a kind of PTSD when it came to art in any form.

My years of emotional abuse with my previous relationship had rendered me powerless to my own inner chaos, and even the idea of approaching an easel again would leave me in panicked tears.

When I figured out that-

-One, I could wear a piece of jewelry that wasn't this heirloom from my grandmothers grandmothers aunts best cousin, and

-Two that I could make jewelry with crystals and stones that meant a lot to me--it was kind of universe tilting.

It was strange, I had this sense of like- I'm going to do this, and I wasn't even super clear what it was. I had to do it though, I knew that much. So I sat down and wrote things out, figured out what I wanted out of the first few months, and went from there. I opened my first Etsy shop named after my first apartment post-freedom and bought books, researched and did my best. 

My business now, after some time of evolution and brainstorming- its a place where I sell healing-centered artwork and jewelry, but what I really sell is the beginning to a healing journey

So much of what we struggle with as survivors of abuse is the feeling of healing being an achievement that we'll never win. We want to put our experiences successfully in a box, locked away and sent to Antarctica, but thats just not how it is.

What I do, is I work with crystals and stones and link together the pieces to create a piece that works with my customers issues.

For me, my relationships have in the past left me feeling unheard, unseen, and insignificant. One of the stones I feel a great affinity with is Chrysocolla, and I wear it a lot. Thats because Chrysocolla is considered a Goddess stone, and it works to connect you with your Divine Feminine, and your inner truth. It helps you finish your sentences with what you were trying to say in the first damn place, and reminds you that you are worth listening to. Honestly, I put Chrysocolla in as many ladies bracelets as I can, because I love it so much. 

I work with lots of people from all over the 'woo woo' spectrum, people who have very little experience up to people who buy certain things because their Reiki healer told them they needed to open up their throat chakra. People buy a certain piece, and then come back when they feel they have another need to be filled. Its been an absolute dream, and I'm learning every day

One of the things I sell that isn't related to crystals and stones is my Uterus Shirt. I love it with my whole heart, its something that makes me smile so hard, and its so beautiful. My dear friend over at Emily Vino Art designed it, and its just a beautiful depiction of something that women sometimes have a hard time embracing. Period cramps can be brutal, my friends. So, I sell happy things, healing things, and I love it.

So. In short, that's kirastinystudio.